Working in the Netherlands

How does it work? What is needed?

Good you came to this page with practical information. It means you are seriously interested in coming to work in the Netherlands! And you are right to do so, because there is more than enough work and we will help you from A to Z. On this page you can read about what is needed when you want to come to work for Flexipool in the Netherlands.

Step 1: registration

We want to know who you are. That’s why we are asking you to fill in the the application form you find at our vacancies. Please fill in this form as complete as possible! Are there no suitable vacancies for you? Then you can send us your CV so we can keep in touch if there is a vacancy that fits your talents!

Step 2: our offer

One of our employees will contact you by phone. In this conversation all the details concerning the vacancy will be talked over with you. After all, you must be able to make the decision to come to work in the Netherlands! We will do everything possible to match your talents and wishes with the vacancies we offer. During the phone call we will discuss all sorts of things, like the following:

  • Your tasks and responsibilities
  • The (netto) salary)
  • Information about housing en meals on the workfloor.
  • Working times
  • Start and ending date of the job

Of course there is room for you to ask all the questions you want concerning the job and all other things when it comes to working in the Netherlands!

Step 3: the decision is made!

So you have made the decision to come to work for Flexipool in the Netherlands? Great, because now alle the formalities have to be arranged and of course: you need to sign your contract! Very important for travelling to the Netherlands: you need to have a valid ID of passport with you. And of course you need a dutch bankaccount and a so called sofinumber / BSN (Burger Service Nummer). When you arrive in the Netherlands for the first time, we will take care of all these things with you. No worries!

Step 4: coming to the Netherlands.

When all the formalities have been made you can prepare for your departure to the Netherlands. When you arrive, a contactperson from Flexipool will be there to mee you. He or she will give you all the needed informatie about your stay (and where you stay!) and of course your first workday! Do you have questions? Please give us a call or send us an e-mail. We want to help you properly!

Questions? Contact us!

If you have questions don’t hesitate and call us or mail us!

Contact us!

Send us your CV!

We like to get to know you, what your talents are and see if there is a match!

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