Flexipool moves you forward!

If you are looking for a job in the Netherlands or if you as a customer are looking for well-motivated temporary working people in the region of the Southern part of the Netherlands, Flexipool is helping both parties, working people and customers, in a transparent and efficient way. With full respect we are bringing supply and demand together.
I am looking for a job

For people in Europe we have more than enough work for different companies, especially in the food industry in southern part of the Netherlands. Everything will be arranged by us!

I am looking for employees

For companies in the southern part of the Netherlands we have a lot of very motivated temporary employees available, who want to work for you.

About Flexipool

We are a fast growing company in recruitment with more than 600 very satisfied workers and own offices in the Netherlands, Poland, Latvia and Romania.

Our references

We as Flexipool are only satisfied when everyone is satisfied, like our customers and our employees. This is wat our employees tell about us.

Our customers

Flexipool works for large companies in the southern part of the Netherlands.
Mostly all of these companies are active in the food industry, but we have also
customers who work in the technical industry, transportation and logistics.