Rules of work

Because a clear understanding makes things clear!

Als If you wanna come to work in the Netherlands, Flexipool will be at your disposal. We get you a job, we arrange a nice accommodation for you, we arrange transportation and a lot more things. We find it very important to deliver the highest possible quality to our customers. That’s why we have a set of rules and we want to make sure we understand eachother perfectly.

Our customers

Our customers are mainly situated in the south of the Netherlands, in the provinces Limburg and Noord Brabant. Most companies we provide employees for are located in the vicinity of Venlo. This is also the city where Flexipool is located. Our customers are mainly active in the food industry, horticulture, production and logistics.

Minimal period of staying

If you are coming to work for Flexipool in the Netherlands, te minimal period to stay is 4 weeks. A longer stay is always possible.

Accommodation and transportation

We have several accommodations where you can stay, like hotels, apartments, leisure housing and flats. They are always close to the place you work. Our places of stay have rooms for 2 or 3 persons. De living room, kitchen and bathroom are always a shared space. In all our accommodations is free internet available. And if your working place is far from your place of stay, we will arrange proper transportation!


In the Netherlands there are for many jobs we offer mandatory rules regarding to workclothes, like working shoes with a reinforced nose (type Stal-Cap – S3). If you don’t have these, you can buy them from ons. For some jobs you need protective clothing. Flexipool will provide these for you, in exchange for a small amount of money as bail.


The salary you earned in the first full week of working (monday till sunday) will be calculated in the next week and be paid on the next friday. You will receive your first payment two weeks after you started working. It is a wise idea to bring along your debit card from the bank or cash to get through the first two weeks of your stay in the Netherlands.

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